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Delivering a Richer Guest Experience
with Public Space TVs

iQ spaces PS | When Guest Experience Matters

Drawing guests to your Public Spaces

Our iQ spaces Public Spaces solution allows our clients the ability to manage free to guest content in public spaces anywhere on the property with access to guide data. Public spaces can be anywhere where the hotel just needs the guide for managing the free to guest content including places like hotel bar, fitness facilities and the like. The guide can be customized to include or exclude the location name for ease of use.

Features & Benefits

Deliver free to guest to common areas

Create the opportunity to increase F&B revenue.

TVs tailored to Hotels

We have a broad range of relationships with the biggest manufacturers in the industry.

Fully Integrated with the iQx Portal

Integrating technologies mean we are able to deliver a customer solution based on the latest technology.

Deliver Messages and Announcements to the TV

Guests can receive a variety of push notifications such as welcoming, promotional and informative messages.

When guest experience matters, our iQx suite of solutions delivers.

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