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Engage your customers with
your message on their device.

iQ mobile | When Guest Experience Matters

iQ mobile
iQ mobile solution

The key to customer connection anytime, anywhere.

Mobile app use is exploding and guest options are increasing every day. Expand your reach and deliver your message to any device through our apps – built on the iQx technology platform.

  • Authentic engagement
  • Stressless environment
  • More productive staff
  • Information at their fingertips

Features & Benefits

Agnostic Engagement

Guests can use any app-enabled device they travel with. You can personalize engagements to your brand and use the solution as an extension of in-room user interface.

Information at Their Fingertips

Guest mobile digestion of information such as on-and-off-site amenities and attractions, data feeds, folio review and weather.

Action Through the App

Use of their own device to check out, change language information, and receive important messaging.

Environment Control

Guests can use their mobile devices for TV and environment control with wake and sleep programming.

When guest experience matters, our iQx suite of solutions delivers.

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