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iQx platform | fueling growth and continuous innovation

Give your guests more and
worry about technology less.

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Technology as Impeccable as Your Service

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What would you do if you weren't
worrying about your Wi-Fi?

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Hospitality Technology Platform

With the convergence of devices and abundance of disparate systems, the industry is looking for an emerging global entity to inspire journeys and build trusted relationships with their guests. They want to engage and embrace to offer a more personalized experience along with consistent and reliable entertainment and connectivity services. interTouch Quadriga can deliver that vision with iQx, our platform that fuels growth and continuous innovation.


iQx delivers a unified technology platform that aggregates services and content via a consistent experience to further drive brand loyalty and service continuity across the globe –  whether it be via TV, Internet, digital signage, mobile, or content.


Build relationships, not just loyalty.
Delight your guests with our game-changing hospitality technology.

Whether you’re attracting millennial travelers with the latest hospitality technology trends or keeping business visitors comfortable and calming, we have a solution
that will entertain, inform and keep your guests connected.

  • Create loyalty and build relationships with a better-than-home experience for your guests
  • Take advantage of our 30 years expertise and global footprint
  • Deliver a reliable and consistent experience with our integrated platform
  • Maximize your profits and ROI with a global guest technology solution

iQx Solutions Innovative hospitality technology solutions built on the iQx platform

iQ in-room

Entertainment As Great As Your Service

iQ internet

Scratch Wi-Fi Off Your List Of Worries

iQ entertainment

What They Want, When They Want It

iQ mobile

Keep Your Guests Connected

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Enhance Your Hotel Digital Signage

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We're With You The Entire Journey


When guest experience matters, our iQx suite of solutions delivers.

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