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Jim Naro
Position: Chief Commercial Officer

Jim is a proven innovative technology business leader with an ability to drive the strategic and legal objectives of diverse domestic and international businesses.


Jim is currently Chief Commercial Officer of interTouch Quadriga where he provides transitional management services, general legal advice and support, including legal advice on commercial enterprise, health and safety compliance, intellectual property, copyright and employment law.


From 2006 until 2014, Jim was SVP of LodgeNet Interactive Corporation (now SONIFI), where he guided them through a change of control and through an injection of over $70 million in new capital and a $350 million credit facility and was Co-CEO during the transition phase. Jim also held the position of SVP and General Counsel of DIRECTV Latin America for nine years, which he formed from a multinational joint venture between Hughes Electronics Corporation and three foreign owners, ultimately adding 22 partners throughout Latin America.

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