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Eric Eichensehr
Position: Chief Software Architect

Eric Eichensehr is the Chief Software Architect and co-founder of interTouch Quadriga. He is responsible for the software products division, providing technology vision, software architecture/design, third-party integration and partner interaction, product feature design and product delivery schedules. In addition to his role at interTouch Quadriga, Eric’s consulting business, Levitate Technologies, is dedicated to helping software and hardware companies design, develop, and integrate systems based on current and emerging technologies and industry standards.


Eric has contributed to OASIS and the Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) NRF standards bodies and is a strong advocate of SOAP Web Services and the industry standards they encompass. He was also the co-chair of the Intelligent Guest Room workgroup for HTNG and his involvement with HTNG standards began in 2009 while working to integrate a guest room system for a large hospitality client.


Eric is an IT professional with over 25 years of wide-ranging technology and software product development experience. Eric was previously CTO of Unlimited Solutions and NSB Retail Systems Plc where he defined and directed the technology vision, software architecture, and platform features of a diverse B2B portfolio of products. He also managed the technology direction for global R&D staff of 200 software developers working in three countries, and simultaneously led a 60 person software division based in Columbus, Ohio while maintaining responsibility for technology direction and board level guidance for the company-wide R&D budget.


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