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Candice Martini
Position: Chief Marketing Officer

Candice Martini oversees the overall global brand strategy, creative vision, and go-to-market product strategy for interTouch Quadriga as Chief Marketing Officer. While managing the global marketing team and communications, documentation, creative services, web and product management areas of the business, she has re-engineered the software and product portfolio for external audiences, launched the company into three new markets, and transformed sales operations for global reach and assistance.


Candice has over 20 years’ experience in the development of integrated marketing strategies and creation of corporate brand portfolios. Prior to joining the organization in 2008, Candice owned Candid Strategies, a marketing and PR consultancy and also worked for NSB, Inc., a global software solutions company for the retail industry. In her 12 year tenure at NSB, Candice made significant contributions in various marketing, public relations and business unit management positions.

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