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Keep your
guests connected.

iQ internet |When Guest Experience Matters

Deliver an internet experience that exceeds guest expectations.

With internet that meets all the criteria for certification of every major worldwide brand, our iQ internet solution ensures your biggest technology worry isn’t technology. The best Wi-Fi guest access wireless network experience in the business with a scalable, upgradable solution — built on the iQx technology platform.
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Effortless login options
  • More revenue opportunities
  • Easy, reliable and secure

Features & Benefits

Effortless Login Options with Our Responsive, Personalized Guest Portal

Quick-loading, guest portal personalized to your brand with responsive design, easy roaming and multiple device access.

Increased Operational Efficiency Using Our Centralized Management System

Manage multiple locations with shorter implementation and lower investment per site. Equipped with single portal for configuration, monitoring and reporting, and can be fully configured across your property.

More Revenue Options via Flexible Billing

Guests can pay via bill to room, voucher or credit card. Loyalty integration and iPass roaming support available.

Easy, Reliable and Secure Through Intelligent Guest Management

Bandwidth configuration and balancing,easy authentication and access across all devices. Ability to identify and troubleshoot issues and resolve guest inquiries on-demand. Multilingual options available.

When guest experience matters, our iQx suite of solutions delivers.

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