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iQ in-room | When Guest Experience Matters

iQ in-room

Build relationships, not just loyalty.

Delight your guests with an in-room TV experience that delivers a lightning-fast, reliable user experience coupled with an exceptional infotainment solution – built on the iQx technology platform.

  • What they want to watch, when they want to watch it
  • Instant connection to showcase events and amenities
  • Inform, engage and empower your guests with the info they need
  • Guests personalize and command their surroundings
  • Guests wake in a comfortable environment of their choice
  • Create flawless technology interactions with your third-party programs

Features & Benefits

Instant Connection to Your Showcase Events and Amenities

Give guests instant or scheduled hotel and local amenities property content, messaging, and brand videos by adding your own content to the system. Provide guests with a personalized guest experience with custom welcome pages.

Inform, Engage and Empower Your Guests with Real-Time Data

Interactive TV guides, weather forecasts, world news, folio information and more available in multiple languages. Entice guests with property information with banner advertising.

Guests Create Their Own Rooms Environment

Guests are in control with wake and sleep programmings, and climate, lighting and shade demands.

Flawless Technology Interactions

iQ in-room includes free-to-guest TV and music, 30+ PMS software providers, and integration with virtually all hospitality software providers. Support available with smart TVs and set-top boxes.

When guest experience matters, our iQx suite of solutions delivers.

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