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Company Founder

Seale Moorer

Seale Moorer

Chief Executive Officer

Seale Moorer has over 30 years’ experience in creating software solutions and leading software development organizations in addition to building and manufacturing hardware solutions to meet the needs and business requirements of the markets served by his products.
Seale founded Unlimited Solutions Inc., a point-of-sale platform company, in 1994. Within five years, the business grew to include every major retailer on the UK High Street including Arcadia Group, Kingfisher, and WH Smith along with multiple global brand retailers such as Nike, Staples, and Burberry. In 1999 Unlimited Solutions merged with NSB Retail Systems, where he led the strategic product and technology initiatives for two years before joining the board as a Non-Executive Director. In 2004, Seale co-founded Exceptional Innovation and in 2013, he added The SmarTV Company, LLC to the EI portfolio followed by additional acquisitions of Quadriga and interTouch in 2015.

Meet Our Executive Team

Eric Eichensehr
Chief Software Architect

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Jim Naro
Chief Commercial Officer

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Mark Brooks-Belcher
Chief Revenue Officer

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Candice Martini
Chief Marketing Officer

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Jean-Philippe Delouis
Regional Managing Director - Europe

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Matt Mitchell
Regional Managing Director - APAC and MEA

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Shane Pierce
Regional Managing Director - Americas

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Meet Our Management Team

Neil Schubert
Senior Vice President of Global Product Development

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Jon Chapman
Senior Vice President - Development

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Mark Fetcenko
Senior Vice President - Global Operations

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Kyle Virgin
Senior Vice President - Hardware Engineering

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Paul Wilson
Senior Vice President - Partnerships

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Tim McGreevy
Vice President - Intellectual Property

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Brent Jenkins
Senior Vice President - Content

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Jamie Nuebel
Vice President - Operations

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Helen Koliner
General Counsel

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